About Us


BAIN DE MER was created by Corti Marin, a young boy born and raised in Saint Tropez with his family linked to this wonderful gulf for three generations.
From an early age, living in the notorious 17 Quai Frédéric Mistral street near the port of the city, he developed a passion for the sea thanks to his father who as a windsurfing champion, brought him closer to the beauty that only Saint Tropez can offer. Over the years this passion that he passed on, leads to a project that is not only about traditions but also about the love for the world of sailors and life on the open seas.
During his adolescence, he decided to abandon his studies to follow his instinct and threw himself headlong into a project of great inspiration. At this moment the brand BAIN DE MER was born, inspired by the typical spirit and lifestyle of beautiful Saint Tropez.
Every garment from BAIN DE MER is carries on the real spirit of life at the sea. It is not only a brand but a lifestyle in its most sophisticated form. The secret is always to look into the future, while never betraying the history, values, and heritage of a town as exclusive and rich in history and tradition.
Corti Marin on the world first prototype of E-foil